Dear Visitor,

I put this web album together to share the beautiful impressions from my vacation at the Pacific Northwest of the United States and the Canadian west coast. Some photos are accompanied with descriptive text, but for the most part the pictures speak for themselves. Therefore, I did not add long stories where it seemed unnecessary.

This album contains a total of 103 photos which is a lot to see. I am aware that most people cannot share the time to watch all the pictures that are out there. Hence, I structured them by destinations and topics.

From every page you can easily go back to the introduction (with the 'Start'-Button) and choose another part of the album. The sitemap offers shortcuts to all main sections and is also accessible from everywhere ('Sitemap'-Button).

The Next and Previous Buttons walk you through all pages sequentially. In addition most destinations have a separate overview page that introduces the different sections.

Before you start, let me add one last thing. At this point it is time to thank my friends Jeff and Cris. Without your friendship and hospitality this trip would not have been half the pleasure! Thank you very much!

And now...

enjoy the show

PS: For the busy ones, I also prepared the 'Executive Summary' featuring the 23 most beautiful pictures ;-)