Riga Through Latvia and Lithuania Curonian Spit Liepaja and Kuldiga Gauja National Park Pärnu and Haapsalu Hiiumaa Tallinn

The Baltic States 2004 - A journey through Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia

Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia are really worth a visit. The three countries are widely undiscovered but nevertheless full of hidden treasures. Even though touristic infrastructure is not always in the best shape, we never had difficulties to find our way through the countryside and to get a good meal and a bed to sleep at last. For the minor inconveniences we were rewarded with unspoilt nature, beautiful villages and a lot of new experiences in a scenic part of Europe. From the hanseatic past to the years of German, Swedish and Russian reign and finally their independence, these countries feature an enormous historical heritage. Go have a look at some of the pictures I took on this trip.

The images are grouped in 8 different stages of the journey. It starts with Rīga, the beautiful capital of Latvia. There we rented a car and continued through Latvia and Lithuania passing by Jelgava, Pilsrundāle, the unique Hill of the crosses and the Žemaitijos National Park. The next part features the stunningly beautiful Curonian Spit, followed by the Latvian villages of Liepāja and Kuldīga. Then the journey continues with a stop at Gauja National Park, from where we leave Latvia and cross the border to Estonia, visiting Pärnu and Haapsalu. After a ferry ride to the lovely island of Hiiumaa with its lighthouses and windmills we finish our trip in the medieval city of Tallinn, the capital of Estonia.

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