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July 15 - August 12
Brisbane to Cairns Alice Springs to Ayers Rock Sydney
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Brisbane to Cairns
Brisbane to Cairns  |  Total images: 70
Following the eat coast of Australia through tropical Queensland. Lush vegetation, rain forest, beautiful beaches, wild crocs, cassowaries, kangaroos, waterfalls and the Great Barrier Reef are just a few of the highlights of this amazing 2600km drive.
Alice Springs to Ayers Rock  |  Total images: 40
Alice Springs is a charming city and a good starting point to explore the Red Centre of Australia, desert, gorges and waterholes, endless driving on dust roads and the beautiful geological formations of Kings Canyon, Ayers Rock (Uluru) and the Olgas (Kata Tutja) were a fascinating contrast to the coast.
Sydney  |  Total images: 30
The vivid capital of New South Wales is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities I know. With its wonderful location on the waterfront, its majestic skyline and most important, the Opera House - a masterpiece of architecture - it is a place you wouldn't wanna miss.